All the people from Brazil

The culture of Brazil is a wonderful mish-mash of religion, ethinicity, colourful heritages, excisting celebrations and musch more.

People from all over the world with a variety of cultural backgrounds call Brazil their home. This melting pot of people all started thousands of years ago with the Native American Indians and just a few hundred years ago, the first Portuguese settlers. As a matter of fact,
Brazil culture and people are multiform.
The richness of the culture and its variety comes from the people, one of the most ethnically diverse in the world. The south experienced a massive immigration of Germans and Italians, and also Russian, Polish and Ukrainian immigration to a lesser degree.
The Birth of a Race - Brazilian People
One version of the history of Brazil's ethnicity explains that when the Portuguese first started colonizing the country, there weren't many European women in the colony. However, there were plenty of women amongst Indians and black slaves. It seems that the Portuguese
The Diversity of Brazilian Culture
This highly mixed people created a rich diverse culture. From the Capoeira, a kind of martial art created by the African slaves and very popular in northeast Brazil, to the Brazilian version of the German Oktoberfest in Blumenau, in the state of Santa Catarina.
There are three basic racial sources for Brazilians
To the original inhabitants (Indians) were added successive waves of Europeans (mainly Portuguese) and Africans (mostly from the sub-Saharan west coast). Native American influence is more obvious in the Amazons basin. Many regional dishes, dances