The richness of the culture and its variety comes from the people, one of the most ethnically diverse in the world. The south experienced a massive immigration of Germans and Italians, and also Russian, Polish and Ukrainian immigration to a lesser degree.

SÆo Paulo is a melting pot. There is no better definition for it. There is a large Japanese community in the state in addition to a little of everything else also: Italians, Arabs, Spanish, Portuguese and Jews to name just a few. Walking on the streets of SÆo Paulo is an amazing exercise in guessing people's ethnic heritage.

It has the same immigration background as New York, for instance. The difference is, in SÆo Paulo, interracial marriages have been common almost since its foundation. This level of mixing produced what we like to call a unique kind of people: Brazilians

Rio de Janeiro and Bahia - to a higher degree - have a large black population. The native Indians were pushed to the Central region, towards the Amazon rainforest.