From the UK, direct flights to Brazil are those operated by British Airways and TAM Airlines, although almost every European Airline flies to Brazil from Europe.

Anyone wishing to visit Brazil at Christmas and the New Year or Carnival should make the reservations for flights well in advance, especially if wishing to fly economy.

Given the size of the country, the fastest and most effective way of getting around Brazil is by air. If you are going to travel extensively around Brazil, you should consider buying an Brazilian Air Pass (see Air pass section below) prior to arriving in the country.

Visitors are often surprised that in the south east of Brazil, São Paulo (GRU), rather than Rio de Janeiro (GIG), is the main hub. Other hubs include Porto Alegre (POA) and Curitiba (CWB) in the south, Bras¡lia (BSB) in the central west, and Salvador (SSA), Recife (REC) and Fortaleza (FOR) in the north east.As many visitors plan their trip to Brazil around Rio de Janeiro, some of the most popular internal flight times are:

It is also worth remembering that most scheduled flights from Europe fly first to São Paulo and then on to Rio de Janeiro. The return flights are the reverse so visitors looking to fly on to other cities in Brazil or return from them, should look for connecting flights with São Paulo.